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What a way to end tour. Thank you @journeysshoes @interscope and Jenna Adler at CAA for making it happen. Thank you @atlasgenius for making great music and letting me share the stage with all your talent. Thank you to my band @stuplaysdrums @neararussell and @fallen_atom for putting up with all the long drives and still playing great every night, and working together as a team the whole way. Thank you @vostovich for taking charge and running shit in an efficient and effective manner... And for dealing with all our moods. Thank you to Todd for being the mastermind behind it all and always helping me keep things in perspective. Thank you to my dog Scout for making the road feel more like home. Thank you @skala85 for keeping us all safe on the road and getting us to where we needed to be every day. Thanks @brinnontides for taking care of Scout, selling merch, jumping in for Matt on the long drives, and helping all around. Photo by @blakestraus



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